How Do I Find a Support Group in My Area?

by Jeff Fisher on September 20, 2011

One of the most popular FAQ we get emails about is to help others find counselors or groups in their area.

Most sexual addiction support groups are not advertised.  Shouldn’t surprise you should it?  But when you’re struggling you wish groups were easier to find.  This will give you a jump start.

My biggest encouragement:  Keep trying.  Getting into a good group is golden!  It’s worth the time and effort.



You need to try out several groups.  CR, SAA, and others.  Many of them don’t advertise so you have to dig a little bit.

CR Groups ( – the plus is that they are Christian groups, they deal with addictions and junk; the negative is that every church does it differently and sometimes you get alcohol and drug addicts mixed in with sex addicts.  OK, but not the specific help you need.

I have found that larger, more established churches will have better CR programs.  You should email the director and ask, but don’t avoid these groups.  Email a couple of guys, then try a couple of them out.

SAA, SA Groups ( ; )- the plus is that these are people with common struggles.  These groups are highly structured and walk the steps.  They have sponsors.  The negative is that many are secular and some guys are only trying to “manage” their addiction, instead of seek God’s deliverance from it.

I would encourage you to check one of these groups out.  See what the chemistry is like.  You’ll benefit from it.




Every Man’s Battle Group Search.  Type in your zip code and see if there is anything nearby.

Be Broken Ministries Group Search:

Pure Group Search:

Celebrate Recovery Group Search (Rick Warren):
Go to the top of the page where it says “Group Finder” and locate your state:


How to Google For Groups

Since most groups are not advertised you have to do a little digging.

  1. Look for churches with strong men’s ministries.  Usually larger churches with good websites.
  2. Look for Christian counselors in the area and call their offices.  They know where the “under the radar” support groups are, and they might have one themselves.Need help finding a Christian counselor?
  3. Carefully Google these terms:  “Christian sexual addiction groups”, “sexual addiction groups”, “recovery groups”, “addiction recovery”  and then include your city or state in the search.
  4. Check out a ministry that does Telephone Groups or Telephone Counseling (next resource list)


Thankfully, there are still resources.  Get involved in a telephone group or regular telephone sessions with a counselor.  Here are some of the top ones we know.



Pure Life Ministries

Very comprehensive site.  Live-in program for men.  At-home program for individuals and couples.  Telephone counseling for men and women.  Great podcast.  Many free resources.  Men, ask for JEFF COLON or BRAD FURGES.  Women, ask for ROSE COLON and tell her Jeff and Marsha of Porn to Purity sent you.

Healing For the Soul

HFTS has many men and women counselors on staff.  They do phone therapy and have phone groups.  Jayson Graves is the director and knows Jeff personally.

Faithful and True (Dr. Mark Laaser)

Dr. Mark Laaser is an expert in the area of sex addiction. He and his wife Debra have great resources and workbooks for addicts and spouses of addicts.  They offer counseling and phone groups for women.



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