8 Tips For Raising Kids in a Pornified Cuture

by Jeff Fisher on May 17, 2013


On the Gospel Coalition website Zach Nielsen shared some good suggestions in his article “Raising Kids in a Pornified Culture”

kids_computer1. Aim to give our kids a huge view of God who is gloriously delightful.

2. Teach them the gospel. Our kids are spring-loaded legalists.

3. Teach them that boundaries bring freedom and obedience is a blessing.

4. Talk to them sooner than later about sex and internet porn.

5. Begin to train your kids how to interact with the opposite sex.

6. Guard who your kids spend time with.

7. Guard the computer and turn off the television.

8. Seek to cultivate a relationship with your kids such that they feel they can be open with you about anything.

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Blog / Podcast Series: Girls and Modesty

by Jeff Fisher on November 20, 2011


I want to direct you to a fantastic blog / podcast series on “Girls and Modesty”.  The Covenant Eyes.com blog Breaking Free featured a different post each day on the topic.  They featured writers and speakers that work with young girls and their parents around the topics of modesty and purity.

Take some time to check out the posts below.


5 Ways to Transform an Immodest Wardrobe

By Rachael Lee Carter,  President of Modeling Christ

She gives tips on five key points:

  • Hide Undergarments
  • Cover Cleavage
  • Workout Gear
  • Size Matters
  • Too Tight


Cleavage, Bikinis, and Facebook – Straight Talk to Young Women

Alyssa Shull of The Pink Lid offers some very helpful advice for young girls and how they can best reflect Christ online and offline.

On cleavage: I’m not saying to wear turtlenecks, I’m just saying to make sure no crack in the front or the back is showing.

On bikinis: Would you walk into an apartment complex and strip down to your bra and panties? Probably not. So then why do we think it’s okay to wear bikinis in front of people? It shows the same exact amount of skin, it’s just made out of a different material.

On Facebook: I am constantly seeing cleavage and bikinis in profile pictures on Facebook…. I fully believe that this is soft porn…. You will attract what you put out there.


Dressing with Dignity
Author Leslie Ludy of SetApartGirl.com and Ellerslie.com shares some of her top tips to women:

  • It is more than possible to exude the kind of dignity, grace and true feminine beauty that will captivate a man’s heart – without using sex-appeal to do it.
  • Any area of my body that can be associated with sensuality is not to be touched or seen by anyone other than my husband.
  • Any area of your body that can be associated with sensuality shouldn’t be viewed by other men – whether in showing skin or in showing form.
  • If you dress to honor Jesus Christ and your future husband, a godly man won’t have to avert his eyes when you walk into the room. Rather, you’ll be like a breath of fresh air to his soul.



Luke Gilkerson of Covenant Eyes interviews Rachel Lee Carter, president of Modeling Christ and her husband, along with Alyssa Shull, founder of The Pink Lid and her husband for a roundtable discussion on modesty.

Each podcast is about 15 minutes long and well worth your time.

Podcast #1:  Teaching Girls About the “Heart” of Modesty

What is modesty? How do we encourage the women and girls around us to have a heart of modesty? What does modesty mean from a Biblical perspective? What are the cultural forces at play that teach immodesty?


Podcast #2:  Stumbling Block: More Thoughts on Immodesty

Does dressing modestly really help to guard the eyes of men around you? Should this be a motivation for modesty? How do we instruct young women in the church to have a heart of modesty?


Podcast #3:  Tank Tops, Leggings, and the Art of Fashionable Modesty –  What does modesty mean on a practical level? Can a girl be both fashionable and modest? Can a girl have clear modest standards without being legalistic?


Podcast #4:  Fathers, Step Up: Teaching Modesty and Purity to Our Daughters
How can fathers in the church encourage modesty in their daughters? How can men in the church play a dynamic role in shaping the hearts of young women to desire modesty?


How to Help Teens With Same-Sex Attractions

by Jeff Fisher on November 13, 2011

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Lee and Shea Preston are co-founders of Shadow of His Wings Ministries (www.shadowofhiswingsministry.com), near San Antonio, Texas.  On this podcast, they share hope for teenagers who struggle with same-sex attractions.  They also give instruction for parents.

This interview is bonus content from our interview with Lee and Shea.

Here are all three parts of our interview:

Lee Preston


  • Lee and Shea share their stories
  • How God helped them come out same-sex addictions
  • They address whether a person can be a Christian and struggle with homosexual thoughts


  • How Shadow of His Wings Ministry developed
  • How wives of same-sex strugglers can find healing
  • How a Shadow of His Wings retreat can be a great help to your healing.
  • Is it normal to have homosexual thoughts?
  • What are the core struggles of a same-sex addict?  Are they different from those of a regular sexual struggler?
  • What churches can do to help same-sex strugglers?

Shea Preston


  • How today’s culture is opening our teens up to same-sex attractions.
  • How  you can help your teen who struggles with same-sex attractions



Counseling to sexual addicts and spouses

Counseling  for individuals with same-sex attractions

Help for the sexually abused

Retreats for individuals, couples & spouses seeking healing from sexual sin

Support groups:

  • Shadow of His Wings Group: Group counseling for adults molested as children.
  • Parent’s Group:  Parent’s dealing with their son/daughter’s same-sex attraction.
  • Men’s Group: Issues dealing with homosexuality and same sex attraction.
  • Women of Purity Group: Women’s sexuality group dealing with sexual addiction and same-sex attraction.

LEE PRESTON Read his testimony

SHEA PRESTON – Read her story and check out her Women of Purity site

Lee or Shea – 210.887.9007



One of the favorite podcasts in my I-Pod is the Family Life Today Podcast with Dennis Rainey.  When they touch on topics that help us with our sexual purity journey, I like to pass them along to you.

Dennis Rainey did a series recently called Interviewing Your Daughter’s Date.  In the audio series, he talks about how we as parents can help our daughters with their dating life, how we can prepare them, protect them, where the lines are, and the importance of interviewing your daughter’s dates.

Here are the links to the shows:

Click the picture to buy the book

The Dating Years–She Needs You! March 21, 2011

Preparing Your Daughter for Dating March 22, 2011

Protecting Your Daughter March 23, 2011

Drawing the Line–Your Responsibility March 24, 2011

Making Men of Boys March 25, 2011