Anti-Pornography Resources

by Jeff Fisher

This page will help you in fighting the battle against pornography.  Stopping use of porn and support of the industry is an important step, but we can do so much more.

** Warning **
All of the sites listed are fantastic.  Some of them can get detailed and might be triggery
for a person who is early in his or her sexual addiction recovery.


Porn Harms.com – Go here first.  It won’t take you long to get educated and find a lot of resources.  This is the place to go for research, current news items and opinions on the harm of pornography.  Search by any of these categories:  Addiction Brain Science Children Cybersex Family Internet Internet Safety Library Marriage Men News Opinion Physiological Pornography Laws Prostitution Psychological Relationships Research Self-Image Sex Trafficking Sexting Sexual Violence Societal STD Teens Women

Anti Pornography.org - A nonprofit organization working to prevent and combat the devastating harms of pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking, as well as all other forms of sexual exploitation, through public education and advocacy.  They offer videos, documentaries, articles and give you an opportunity to share your voice in order to help with the cause.

War on Illegal Pornography – This is a great site to help you to take action.  This site helps you jump into to battles that are currently being fought.  The site offers action items, success stories, links to petitions and  places to write to be a part of the cause.

XXXChurch.com – Craig Gross has a great site for those struggling with pornography, but they regularly go to porn conventions to reach those in the industry for Christ.  XXX Church has a blogs, articles, videos, and links that you will find extremely helpful.  They also offer accountability software and training for churches.



END Sex Traffic DEMAND YouTube channel (AntiPornography.org)

This new YouTube channel has many helpful resources, including lots of videos and playlists on the harms of and demand factors for sex trafficking, particularly the connections between sex trafficking and pornography.


Shelly Lubben.com
Shelly is an incredible testimony of a former prostitute and porn star finding redemption and healing through the power of Jesus Christ.   She and her ministry are cutting edge and help a lot of women.

The following links come from Shelly’s fantastic site:

Nightlight in Bangkok

Pink Cross Foundation Recovery Forums – International
www.gems-girls.org – National
www.war-line.com – National
www.thepinkcross.org – Los Angeles and Bakersfield, California
www.iamatreasure.com – Los Angeles, California
www.beautyfromashes.org – Fort Meyers, Florida
www.ascarletcovering.com – Reno, Nevada
www.outofexile.org – Eustis, Florida
www.visitwas.com – Kalkaska, Michigan
www.lightdancers.org – Wellington, Kansas
www.savedfromstripclubs.org – Massachussetts
www.4sarah.net – Conyers, Georgia
www.sexindustrysurvivors.com – Los Angeles, California
www.thesilverbraid.org – Los Angeles, California
www.childrenofthenight.org – Van Nuys, California
www.mckenziefaith.com – Nashville, Tennessee
Life After Game – Las Vegas, Nevada
www.newfriendsnewlife.org – Dallas, Texas
www.ccvmemphis.org – Memphis, Tennessee

Recovery Homes:
www.mmp.org – Van Nuys, California
www.dreamcenter.org – Los Angeles, California
www.mercyministries.org – International
www.teenchallenge.com – Los Angeles, California


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