Sexual Addiction Recovery Links

by Jeff Fisher

Here’s a list of links we are finding for those struggling with Sexual Addiction.  If you know of other good links, please contact us so we can pass them on to the recovery community.

Pure Intimacy
GO HERE FIRST. Great resource for men, women, spouses, pastors, churches. Great articles and resources to help with sexual addiction and same sex issues. A “Focus on the Family” ministry.

Faithful and True (Dr. Mark Laaser)
Dr. Mark Laaser is an expert in the area of sex addiction. He and his wife Debra have great resources and workbooks for addicts and spouses of addicts.

LIFE Ministries International
Bob and Johna Hale. Workbooks for Christian support groups, written or edited by Mark Laaser. Great site for resources.

Heart to Heart Counseling (Dr. Doug Weiss)
Doug Weiss is an expert in the sex addiction field. His site offers counseling, intensives, telephone counseling, great resources for addicts, spouses and churches.

Pure Life Ministries
Very comprehensive site. Live-in program for men. At-home program for individuals and couples. Telephone counseling for men and women. Great podcast. Many free resources.
Tons of great blogs, videos, and resources. These guys are right on the edge. They minister to people hooked on porn that most churches won’t touch, including people in the porn industry.

Be Broken Ministries
San Antonio, Texas. Jonathan Daughtery. Newsletters, articles, counselors, groups, and other services available for those with sexual addiction. Gateway to Freedom Conferences for men offered regularly. They also produce the Pure Sex Radio Podcast.

Setting Captives Free
Stop sex and pornography addiction! – Free online, interactive 60 day course to find freedom from pornography and sexual addiction. Lose the guilt, the shame, and the habit.

A website from Mark Brouwer.  Mark was a pastor for 15 years before going to work with Dr. Mark Laaser of Faithful and True Ministries.  He has had to work through his own sexual sin and now is able to help others.  He offers sexual addiction recovery coaching both online and via telephone.  He has a special heart for pastors and frequently works with ministers who struggle with sexual sin.

Purity First Steps
A great devotional site to help with your sexual purity.  Bob Rheem has been with Navigators for over 20 years.  He has a great Purity Verse Memory Packet that’s free to help you with your sexual purity.

New Hope For Sexual Integrity
Pastor Darrell Brazell reaches out of his own experience to help men and women strugglers and wives of addicts.  He offers many free downloadable resources including help for wives of addicts.  He has written New Hope For Sexual Integrity a recovery manual and a teaching DVD called A Neuro-Theology of Sex and Addiction.

Setting Captives Free Audio Sermons
Mike Cleveland of Setting Captives

Freedom Begins Here
Resources for individuals and churches. Great videos. Educational materials. Group materials.

Every Man’s
Great resources. Blogs for men, spouses, teens and pastors.
A safe and effective online community where those who struggle with sexual integrity, pornography and sexual addiction can receive Christ-centered support, encouragement and fellowship.

What If Ministries
Phil and Bobi Naukum. Phil recovered from a 40-year porn addiction.

Love in Action
Bartlett, Tennessee. Counseling & support groups. Residential programs and intensives for men or women.

Partners For Purity
Partners for Purity is a community of love and fellowship in Christ that has joined together to encourage those hurt by the sexual sin of another and to offer hope by pointing to the One who can deliver them in the midst of the storm.

Healing For the Soul
Great ministry in Colorado Springs. Sex addiction specialist Jayson Graves. Counseling for men, teens, parents, spouses of those with same sex attraction. Telephone counseling available.

Hope and Freedom Counseling Services
Houston, Texas. Counseling. Three-Day Intensives for men and couples who are dealing with compulsive sexual behavior (sex addiction).

Eternal Perspective Ministries
Directed by Randy Alcorn (author of The Purity Principle). Offers many free articles and resources on sexual purity.

Tons of helpful articles and discipleship studies. Stories. Resources. Devotionals.

Christians in Recovery
Internet Community for recovery with over 2,000 pages of information and resources to help you help yourself.

The Porn Effect has been established to expose the reality of porn for what it is; a weak and whimpering counterfeit of love which is emasculating men, degrading women and destroying marriages

A great video & music resource for men’s groups and for churches. Men and couples share their stories of addiction and recovery.

A simple blog to help you exercise your purity muscles. RSS Link

This site is dedicated to providing the most accurate peer-reviewed research on the harm from pornography, along with relevant news and opinion.

Keeping children safe online. Resources for porn addiction and sex addiction. Workshops and tools for churches and pastors. Some Spanish materials.

Renewal From Sex Addiction
Renewal from Sexual Addiction (RSA) is a Christ-centered, 12 Step based, self-help support group for men seeking recovery from lust and compulsive sexual behaviors.

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