Women with Sexual Addiction

by Jeff Fisher

Here’s a list of links we are finding for Women Struggling With Sexual Addiction.  If you know of other good links, please contact us so we can pass them on to the recovery community.

Dirty Girls Ministries
Articles, blog, resources interviews and presentations from Crystal Renaud. Crystal struggled with sex addiction herself.  This is a great site.

Listen to Jeff and Marsha’s Interview with Crystal: HERE


Shelly Lubben.com
Shelly is an incredible testimony of a former prostitute and porn star finding redemption and healing through the power of Jesus Christ.   She and her ministry are cutting edge and help a lot of women.



Walking in Fredom.net – Amy has been freed from bondage to pornography and bi-sexual sin.  She is an active blogger and will be a good resource for women who struggle.

Read Amy’s testimony:  CLICK HERE




The Porn Effect
Theporneffect.com has been established to expose the reality of porn for what it is.  There is a nice women’s section on this site that you will find helpful.



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joyce January 23, 2013 at 4:26 am

am grateful for the work you are doing.i have been struggling with porn for the last two years though am a bornagain christian.i once was able to quit for 3months but my addiction later resurfacedi have never told anyone about my addiction as i am very embarassed about it especially the thoughts and the evil dreams i often have.please pray for me even as i put to practise this steps that i may overcome porn .God bless

Jeff Fisher January 26, 2013 at 7:43 pm

Hi Joyce,
I’m so glad you wrote. It takes great courage to reach out for help. I’m proud of you. You feel so much shame over your thoughts and behaviors. You are not alone though.
My wife and I will pray for you, of course.
Please email my wife: marsha@porntopurity.com

Jeff Fisher

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