Wives of Sex Addicts — Porn to Purity

Wives of Sex Addicts

by Marsha Fisher

Here’s a list of resources we’re finding for Wives of Sex Addicts.  Please contact us if you know of some other good links we can share with wives.

Shadow of His Wings Ministry
Great ministry near San Antonio, Texas.  Lee and Shea Preston’s ministry offers counseling, workshops, women’s support groups, healing through drama, help for the sexually broken and abused, and some great podcast resources.

New Life Partners
This is a Christian online resource and support group for women whose lives have been impacted by husbands or loved ones caught in the web of pornography and/or sexual addiction.

New Hope For Sexual Integrity
Pastor Darrell Brazell reaches out of his own experience to help men and women strugglers and wives of addicts.  He offers many free downloadable resources including help for wives of addicts. 

Unfolding Grace
A journey of one wife’s struggle with her husband’s sexual addiction.

A Woman’s Healing Journey
Website of Marsha Means, author of Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars and others.

Hope For the Journey (blog)
A wonderful blog for women of sex addicts.  They have an active forum and community.

More Than Desire.com (blog)
Blogger Ashley Weis talks about her struggles with her husband’s porn addiction.  She shares her frustrations and the things God is teaching her in the healing process.   This is a beautiful site.  Check it out!

Partners For Purity (forum)
A “women only”  forum for wives of sex addicts.  Partners for Purity is a community of love and fellowship in Christ that has joined together to encourage women hurt by the sexual sin of another and to offer hope by pointing to the One who can deliver them in the midst of the storm.

L.I.F.E. Ministries International
L.I.F.E. Ministries is a Christ-centered support group ministry dedicated to helping sex addicts and their spouses. We have released several workbook resources, edited by Dr. Mark Laaser, that are used to help recovering addicts all over the world.

Christian Wives of Addicts
Message board for women who are married to addicts of any kind. Our largest group of women are married to porn/sex addicts. Support, encouragement, and fellowship in the name of the Lord takes place daily here.

Mothers Against Pornography Addiction
Mothers Against Porn Addiction is a forum for women who are affected by porn addicted spouses, ex spouses or significant others to learn, share and receive support and experience, in non-judgmental discussion.

Relationship Rescue for Wives and Girlfriends of Internet Pornography Addicts. Helpful articles, discussion board, and more.

Codependents of Sex Addicts National Service Organization (COSA NSO)
P.O. Box 14537
Minneapolis, MN 55414 U.S.A.
Phone: (763)537-6904
E-mail: newhopenserenity@yahoo.com

Victims of Pornography.org
Educate and create awareness that there are real victims of pornography.   How true compassion to those victims who are seeking help by giving them the resources and avenues they desperately need.  Change the attitude and heart of America toward the many visible and hidden victims of pornography.

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